The Covent Pharm subgroup was created primarily
for creating maximum possible impact on the mass
rehabilitation of humankind


The most important aspect of the Covent Pharm projects is identifying the spheres of medical and biological activities as well as promoting physical fitness and sports rehabilitation programs and the medical and biological analysis of the human condition. All Covent Pharm projects are focused on identifying the most properly developed areas of healthcare.

These healthcare activities are entirely focused on the genetic development of a person and on creating new human subspecies. It is not only the survival of the human race that we are talking about, but also an advanced structural biological evolution.

Work Specifics

Comprehensive multi-stage testing of modern medical and pharmacological programs is very important to Covent Pharm, in order to get an accurate idea of the actual benefit or danger of certain medical and pharmacological technologies and then to share this information with the general population in an objective and unbiased way.

Covent Pharm is trying to contribute in every possible way to all attempts to evaluate areas for development in biology, healthcare, biochemistry, and pharmacology, identifying the most promising areas and eliminating dangerous ideas.




Creation of natural system
for all products

Implementing technologies conducive to natural growth in the appropriate areas

Sound Social Structure


Focus the human mind on direct interaction with nature: on natural nutrition and natural rehabilitation systems

Supporting the weak and underachieving geographical areas of the global economy

As part of the Covent Group system, Covent Pharm must comply with unified standards and principles in pursuit of common goals

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